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"Helping fellow human beings through the...      Yoga Principles and Philosophy..."

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Silence Sadhana at SHANTHAM.

Silence Sadhana at SHANTHAM.

🕔04 Jul, 2017

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SHANTHAM - Life With Nature.

SHANTHAM - Life With Nature.

🕔14 Jun, 2017


Humanitarian out reach assistance

Humanitarian out reach assistance

🕔09 Jan, 2017

Our Sincere thanks to all organisations and volunteers who provide invaluable assistance... Organisations we work with: KM Foundation (Sri Lanka) AEDU (UK) Assist RR (UK)...

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Life Line

Life Line

Project Amount : £1250.00

We have helped number of widows in Vanni by providing life assistance for their day to day living by donating Water Pumps, Sawing Machines, Food Making Equipments etc.. Over 125 people benifited by...

Mission for Vision

Mission for Vision

Project Amount : £5000.00

We were able to help over 200 elderly people get their vision back in their eyes in Vanni area during 2016

Jala Dharma

Jala Dharma

Project Amount : £2200.00

We were able to help over 200 people receive clean water for their day to day living in Vanni.

Vastra Dhanam

Vastra Dhanam

Project Amount : £1450.00

We have been shipping clothes from London over 3 years now. Every 3 months over 1500 items are sent to North & East of Sri Lanka for the people in need. Over 3,800 people benefited..

 Anna Dhanam

Anna Dhanam

Project Amount : £4000.00

Our aim was to serve at least 2,500 meals to hungry stomachs during 2016.... Over 3,500 hungry stomach were feed See details

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